About Simply Virtuous


Our vision is to create a new generation of donors, empowered through information and knowledge with the ability to diversify their donations and support causes in a holistic manner. We strive to bring transparency and convenience to the donation process, as well as providing our donors with the necessary information to make the best decisions.

Virtuous Circle Concept

(n) A beneficial cycle of events or incidents, each having a positive effect on the next.



Here at Simply Virtuous, we believe that donating can be done better. Each charity’s work within our portfolio benefits the next charity’s work. When you donate to an entire portfolio, entire problems are being solved, not just one aspect.

Curated Portfolios Featuring Trustworthy Organizations

Our portfolios find the best charities working differently towards the same cause. We do the vetting for you: our featured charities are transparent, have independent boards, spend at least 70% of their revenues on their programs, and pay their CEOs reasonably when compared against industry standards and total expenditures.

Research Reports

For each featured charity, we have written an original research report which provides a general overview and history of the organization, key employees and their salaries, and the last three years of audited financials and analysis. The bulk of the report focuses on their work towards the cause within our virtuous circle categories: generating awareness, research, advocacy, policy & legislature, private sector collaboration, and direct service.

No More Information Overload

After narrowing down our searches for certain criteria, we read the past five years’ worth of annual reports, IRS 990s, financial audits, and publications produced by the nonprofit. Depending on the organization, this can range from a few pages each to over 80 pages per document. We then look for the most noteworthy, interesting, and informative information to include in our reports and summarize for you. You get 500 pages worth of information in just 5.

One Login. One Payment.

Every non-profit has their own donor management and payment software. If you wanted to donate to seven different charities, you’d have to create seven different accounts and send seven different transactions, track seven different receipts, and receive seven weekly newsletters.

When you donate to a portfolio through Simply Virtuous, you only need one account and one transaction. We divide the funds and send them to the respected charities on a monthly basis, making everyone’s life easier. We send quarterly newsletters with updates, so you can stay up-to-date without having to sift through repetitious weekly emails.

When tax season comes around, log into your account and print a summary of all your past donations with us. No need to worry about searching your Gmail account for an 8-month-old receipt.

Passionate And Experienced Team

We are led by a team with an extensive finance background and a strong passion for making a change for the future of philanthropy. Meet our team »

Frequently Asked Questions

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