Why You Should Attend a Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training

Those of us concerned with climate change know the severity of the problem, and we know that our societies must make changes now in order to prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening in 30 years. The trickier part is knowing how to get others on board. The problem is so great that many people simply can’t fathom it. Others don’t want to. Delivering the message of the need for climate action in a way that is approachable and encouraging is no easy task.

This is why the Climate Reality Leadership Corps is so important. By training people from all sectors, age groups, and nationalities, the messages will reach those who have the power to create change. Politicians won’t act unless their constituents agree. Businesses won’t change their practices if their profits decrease. And people won’t install solar panels on their homes if they don’t understand the technology, the savings, and the benefits.

The Climate Reality Leadership trainings teach attendees everything they need to know to inform others about climate change and its solutions. They provide the arguments and sources you need when talking to a politician, a peer, a child, or a business. They teach you what messages resonate with people and what messages should be avoided (hint: don’t point fingers and don’t use pictures of polar bears). Attendees learn from a variety of experts including scientists, professors, doctors, and of course, the King of Climate Change himself, Al Gore. The amount of knowledge in one room is incredible.

Something that struck me was the message of despair I repeatedly heard from trainees. They felt that no one else cared, especially their friends and local politicians. They wondered, “why doesn’t anyone else care about this? Our future depends on it! Why is my government allowing new coal plants? Why aren’t we investing more in clean energy? Why is meaningful action so hard to come by?”

If these thoughts sound familiar, or if you’ve struggled to explain the science and solutions on your own, I highly recommend to apply for a training. Attending a conference with 650 people with similar interests and concerns is powerful enough in itself. But more importantly, you will leave the training with a renewed passion, and perhaps more importantly, renewed hope. I learned that people do care. Governments (even the U.S. government!) are acting. Businesses are committing to emissions reductions.

The Climate Reality Project knows the climate war better than anyone else, and in spreading their knowledge and message, they are building on the momentum from Paris and inspiring action across the globe. Seize the opportunity and apply for their next training here

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