Weekly News Roundup - May 12th-18th

Climate Change

Matthew Abbott for The New York Times

Indigenous Australians from low-lying islands in the Torres Strait argue that the government, by failing to act on climate change, has violated their fundamental right to maintain their culture

A similar article without a paywall can be found here

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s 2020 rivals and a group of progressive environmental organizations are attacking him as being weak on climate change

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Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

Former housing secretary and current San Antonio mayor Julián Castro unveils education plan with focus on universal pre-k

A similar article without a paywall can be found here


Human Rights

Libby March for The New York Times

Cities in upstate New York are trying to lure the refugees who are already in the country to fill job vacancies and revitalize old manufacturing towns

Senator Lindsey Graham has introcued legislation that would require migrants seeking asylum to apply in their home country, increase the amount of time migrant children could stay in custody, and make it easier for officials to deport unaccompanied minors to Central America


Mental Illness

Andrew Brooks/Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

When novelist and former mental health nurse Nathan Filer met a patient who wouldn’t take his pills, it started him on a journey into the complex and contradictory world of schizophrenia

Exercise is often recommended as an effective treatment for depression, but new research is showing that it might not reduce symptoms for women

Here are 10 things you should never say to someone with bipolar disorder

Prior eating disorders linked to long-term depression risk for mothers

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