Weekly News Roundup - March 3rd-9th

Climate Change

Wallace Broecker, often referred to as the "grandfather of climate science" recently passed away. Before he died, he urged scientists to consider deploying a last-ditch solar shield to stop global warming

A new study suggests that in California, large wildfires of the kind seen in 2018 can now happen in any year, regardless of how wet the previous winter was

58 former military and national security officials expressed deep concern about reported plans to create "a committee to dispute and undermine military and intelligence judgments on the threat posed by climate change"

Earlier this week in Calgary, Obama emphasized that in addition to causing rising temperatures and extreme weather, there are also many social and political implications stemming from climate change


Arts education can help improve children's memory and ability to collaborate, while also offering a chance to revise a project until it is the best it can be. Arts education is especially beneficial for students who are academically considered "lower performers"

Perhaps we should reconsider how we talk about student achievement

Human Rights

In Libya, an estimated 30 refugees were allegedly brought to an underground cell and tortured as punishment for breaking out of a detention center and protesting their conditions.  

Britain's High Court has ruled that landlords checking prospective tenants' immigration status leads to racial discrimination and breaches human rights

Nearly 30 parents who were separated from their children by US immigration agents have returned to the border to demand asylum hearings that might allow them to reunite with their children

There is a lot of misinformation regarding human trafficking in the U.S. Click here to read 11 statistics that show the true scope of the problem

Mental Illness

The FDA has approved a ketamine-like nasal spray drug to help drug-resistant depression

Patients with first-episode schizophrenia benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy in the prevention of relapse and improving symptoms up to 1 year after treatment

Recent data published in Schizophrenia Research found that patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder also have significant impairments in cognitive and attentional control

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