Weekly News Roundup - March 10th-16th

Climate Change

Studies suggest that political leaders need to see climate change as psychological crisis in order to gain bipartisan support for a clean-energy future

A Financial Times columnist argues that rather than trying to everything at once, Democrats should take a slice of the Green New Deal and craft a piece of passable legislation around it
Meanwhile, Republicans who believe in climate change are seeking an alternative

Another bad side effect of climate change: increased turbulence

As infrastructure talks progress on Capitol Hill, Democrats are calling for any legislative package to address climate change


A federal judge has ruled that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos illegally delayed an Obama-era rule that required states to address racial disparities in special education programs
A similar but free article can be found here

President Donald Trump is seeking a 10 percent cut to the U.S. Department of Education's budget in his fiscal 2020 budget proposal
However, for the third year in a row, lawmakers are expected to disregard the proposed budget


Nearly half of all homeless people older than 50 became homeless for the first time after their 50th birthday. Click here to read the stories of three people who worked hard in life but fell through society's damaged safety net.

A new study led by a prominent M.I.T. neuroscientist found that when mice engineered to exhibit Alzheimer’s-like qualities were exposed to strobe lights and clicking sounds, important brain functions improved and toxic levels of Alzheimer’s-related proteins diminished
Another article chronicling the study can be found for free here

Human Rights

The world needs to focus on supporting self-reliance for the world’s nearly 69 million displaced people, the importance of jobs in facilitating economic empowerment and well-being, and easing the pressure on host countries

An Iranian human rights lawyer who has represented activists prosecuted for removing their mandatory headscarf has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes 

Manhattan is set to have its first ever LGBT senior public housing, but its development is facing planning controversies and lawsuits

The State Department released its annual human rights report Wednesday with blistering criticism for China, a pass for ally Saudi Arabia and less harsh views on North Korea

Mental Illness

Remember last week's article about the new ketamine-like drug approved by the FDA to treat depression? Doctors welcome the drug, but worry about its feasibility given the fact that it must be administered at a doctor's office or clinic, it requires two hours of post-administration monitoring, and will cost between $4700 and $6700 per month

Despite policy advances in the past two decades intended to compel insurance companies to provide patients with equivalent levels of care for physical and mental illnesses, the reality on the ground still looks very different

Click here to see an interpretive portraiture series which aims to capture the experiences of people who have bipolar disorder

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