Weekly News Roundup - January 27th-February 2nd

Climate Change

Overnight temperatures in Chicago reached a near record low of -21 degrees Fahrenheit, while near record highs of 113 degrees Fahrenheit were reached in Australia. Welcome to the age of weather extremes

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have pledged to reduce their emissions - but they all sponsored a conference that promoted climate change denial

A new study has found that as the climate warms, plants will absorb less CO2

A German government-appointed panel has recommended that Germany stop burning coal to generate electricity by 2038 at the latest. While it still needs government approval, and the plan is a bit too slow for our liking, it is a step in the right direction for a country who currently gets more than a third of its electricity from burning coal.

Government subsidies of $500 billion to beef, dairy and other food industries worldwide should be shifted to sustainable, healthy farming and $5 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies moved to renewable energy and sustainable transport


Alzheimer's is likely not simply the result of one cause, but rather a combination of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors

Disappointing news - two phase III trials of a new Alzheimer's treatment have been cancelled due to disappointing results

Human Rights

A Chinese human rights lawyer who has defended political activists and victims of land seizures has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for subverting state power

In the two years since the anti-purges began in Chechnya, not a single LGBT Chechen has been granted asylum in the United States

The Trump administration began implementing a new hard-line immigration policy by sending a single asylum-seeker from Central America back to Tijuana, Mexico, to await his assigned court date later this year in San Diego

A new UN report warns that the number of human trafficking victims is on the rise

Mental Illness

A recent study has found strong evidence that obesity in fact causes depression, even without any other health problem

According to a new study of more than 600,000 adults, physical activity plays an important and likely causal role in reducing risk for depression

Cortical blindness – caused by abnormalities in the brain, rather than damage in the eyes – seems to be incompatible with having schizophrenia Hopefully these findings help tell us more about how schizophrenia works

Researchers identify and treat faulty brain circuitry underlying symptoms of schizophrenia. The non-invasive brain stimulation alleviates the chronic, treatment-resistant symptoms of schizophrenia

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