Weekly News Roundup - January 20th-26th

Climate Change

A new poll has found that 73% of Americans believe that global warming is happening, up 10% from 2015. 72% of Americans also believe that global warming is personally important to them, up 9% from just last year. Unfortunately, most Americans are unwilling to pay even $10 a month to fight it

President Donald Trump mocked climate change again on Sunday, just days after the Department of Defense released a report outlining the effects of climate change on its operations


Some researchers believe that climate change is causing more frequent polar freezes in the Midwest and the East Coast

Talk about a horrifying feedback loop: extreme weather events could worsen climate change


A new poll found that 67% of respondents support the concept of school choice 


Changes in levels of a protein in the blood could help shed light on damage in the brain more than a decade before symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease develop

A new study shows that a gum infection is a potential risk factor of Alzheimer's disease

Human Rights

WHO released a report on the health of refugees and migrants in Europe. Read the 10 main takeaways here

Medical schools do a poor job of preparing future doctors to understand the LGBT populations unique needs and health risks, which is especially concerning given that LGBT people experience disproportionately higher rates of mental illness, HIV, and harassment. Medical students see this need, and are pushing for more LGBT health training curriculum 


The United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions will head an inquiry into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

The second largest center for asylum seekers in Italy is closing due to budget cuts. Some 540 people are being evicted, often without knowing where they are headed next

Canada has taken over the U.S. as world leader in resettling refugees. Meanwhile, the US will begin sending some legal asylum seekers back to Mexico

Mental Illness

A lawsuit in New York claims that inmates with mental illness are being held in prison past their release dates

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