Weekly News Roundup - February 3rd-9th

Climate Change

Winter is warming faster than the three other seasons, making people forget just how cold it used to be. The polar vortex was certainly frigid, but it wasn't a record breaking event. It should have been colder - but in a warming world, record setting lows are mostly a thing of the past. 

Oh cool, the EPA appointed some climate change deniers to its Science Advisory Board

Warming oceans are believed to be causing the largest ever disease epidemic in wild marine animals

Climate change is also altering the color of the oceans

Two-third of Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2100


White House rescinds Education Dept. watchdog pick after ethics concerns. A similar article can be found here


The unsettling evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease may be transmissible under limited - but definitely nonzero - circumstances keeps growing

Contrary to earlier findings, higher education was not found to protect against dementia

Human Rights

Despite all the headlines, there is no evidence that the incidences or number of people being trafficked increases because of the Super Bowl

Two bills which would have protected LGBT Virginians from discrimination in housing and public employment were recently killed in the House of Delegates

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, two multiple bills were filed which would allow adoption agencies to deny services to same-sex couples based on religious objections

The number of Saudi refugees globally has increased in recent years

Australia says last asylum-seeker children will soon leave Nauru

Most foreign human trafficking victims enter the US after securing a job and enter via legal ports of entry - poking a hole in Trump's claims that a border wall would reduce human trafficking

Mental Illness

A new study has found that T. gondii infection might be a contributing causal factor for schizophrenia. Humans can come in contact with this parasite when they clean out their cat's litter box

Depression can alter your thoughts, making it difficult to differentiate when the illness is talking versus when you are. Click here to see nine common thoughts which can mask depression for what it is

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