Weekly News Roundup June 2nd-8th

Climate Change

In the Midwest, corn planting is the most delayed it's been in recorded U.S. history, thanks to the rainiest spring on record for the region. And though it’s difficult to link one single weather event to climate change, climate scientists say the devasting rains falling over the Midwest are exactly in line with what they’ve been predicting

Climate researchers have concluded that the July 2018 heatwave in Japan had a one in five chance of occurring in the current climate, but almost no chance in a climate unchanged by human activity

Joe Biden released his climate change policy plans: They call for a federal investment of $1.7 trillion over 10 years into clean energy and other initiatives, which would be paid for by rolling back Mr. Trump’s tax breaks for corporations


Technology is helping prison education programs scale but it is also raising questions about the programs' quality and affordability

Here's what economists think about Democrats' new education proposals


The bacteria that causes gingivitis can move from the mouth the brain where they destroy nerve cells, which in turn leads to loss of memory and Alzheimer's

Click here to find 4 jar opener recommendations for arthritis sufferers

Pfizer did not openly share or perform further studies on a successful rheumatoid arthritis medicine that internal researchers suggested was reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 64 percent

Human Rights

Mexico City will decriminalize sex work as a first step to crack down on sex trafficking 

Mental Illness

San Francisco officials decided Tuesday to force some people with serious mental illness and drug addiction into treatment

New research suggests that women who experience domestic abuse are three times more likely to develop a serious mental illness

University of Georgia neuroscientists are developing novel technology-based tools to catch so-called negative symptoms and improve risk prediction of schizophrenia


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