Weekly News Roundup - March 17th-23rd

Climate Change

From Nairobi to Hong Kong to the San Francisco: Click here to see photos of last week's student climate change demonstrations, and click here to read an in-depth article about the events

A climate scientist answers some of the most common questions he receives including "what would be the most effective policy to end climate change" and "what's the single best thing I could do in my life to help the climate?"

The weather this winter was weird. 1 in 3 Americans blame it on climate change

Citing climate change, U.S. judge blocks oil and gas drilling in large swath of Wyoming


The low number of black and Latino students in New York City's elite high schools suggest a basic unfairness in relying on a single measure of educational potential


Different forms of dementia can take very different courses, making it especially important that people receive the correct diagnosis

Scientists studying damaged brains of boxers and other sports people have found key details about a head injury-linked disease called “punch drunk syndrome” that could help the development of new diagnostics and treatments for Alzheimer’s

Pharmaceutical company Biogen is ending two late-stage trials of their experimental Alzheimer's drug

Human Rights

The EU claims the migrant crisis is over, but it isn't. They have made it more difficult for people to get to Europe, but that hasn't stopped people from trying and facing even more dangerous situations as a result. Arrivals are sharply down, that much is true. Even moderate countries have severely restricted the number of refugees they allow to stay within their borders

The State Department has funded interest-free travel loans to refugees who couldn't afford the cost of relocating to the USThese loans (usually in the thousands) are expected to be repaid within six months of arrival, something that can be very difficult for refugees on limited incomes to do

The Philippines has withdrawn from the International Criminal Court, an intergovernmental organization which prosecutes individuals for international crimes of serious magnitude, including genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes

Mental Illness

Smoking potent cannabis may increase risk of serious mental illness

Cariprazine may decrease substance abuse in patients with bipolar disorder

Beyond clinical factors, medical attention of people with schizophrenia should expand and focus on functional factors, such as independent social functioning

The FDA has approved the first drug for treating postpartum depression, which works within 48 hours but requires an expensive infusion and stay in a medical center. A similar article can be read for free here

New York City plans to develop mental health facilities outside of city jails to offer specialty care for inmates with mental-health issues

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