Our Mission

At Simply Virtuous, we strive to make charitable giving as easy as one click of a button because we believe that every donation counts. We believe that donating to charity and being knowledgeable about the world around you go hand-in-hand, which is why we strive to empower each of our members through the information that we provide. When it comes to charitable giving, transparency is key, and it is our goal to create a new generation of donors who support causes and make decisions informed by all of the necessary information available. To achieve this goal, we have done the research for you, and made it easily accessible and present right before your eyes.

All of the charities featured on our website have been personally researched, analyzed, and approved by our staff in order to ensure their legitimacy and that your money is in good hands. As a result, all of our featured charities are financially and organizationally transparent and spend at least 70% of their revenues on their programs and helping others. This percentage is calculated by taking a three-year average of a charity’s revenue from its programs specifically, as opposed to its revenue for fundraising and general management costs. For each featured charity specifically, we have taken the time to research the general cause that they are collecting donations for, as well as the nitty-gritty aspects: the history of the organization, who sits on the board, and what the executive staff is paid. Every charity is compared against our virtuous circle concept categories: generating awareness, research, advocacy, policy and legislature, private sector collaboration and direct service.

Through our research of hundreds of charities, we have narrowed down to the most trustworthy and transparent ones that are then featured on our website. But our work does not stop there. In order to encourage charitable giving, it is necessary that the donation process be as easy and effortless as possible, which is where a Simply Virtuous membership comes in. By creating an account with us, for a $50 (tax deductible) membership fee per year, you will be able to donate to as many charities as you want with only one login and one payment. This makes the process of helping others easier on you because instead of creating an account with three different charities that you wish to donate to, you can simply create one with Simply Virtuous and keep track of your donations through a single account portal (this comes in handy during tax season as charitable donations are tax deductible!).  

Here at Simply Virtuous, we research and select the most trustworthy charitable organizations so that you do not have to, because we believe that your hard-earned money deserves to go to charities that are worthy of receiving it. Whether you are donating to aid causes such as climate change or helping the elderly, all of the featured charities present on our website have been personally vetted so that you can feel secure knowing that your donations are going to a good cause. For more information on creating an account with us, please visit us here.

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