Nonprofit Spotlight: National Women's Law Center President & CEO Fatima Goss Graves

Fatima Goss Graves is currently the President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center and has worked with the NWLC for more than a decade. Throughout her career, she has worked on advancing women’s issues, including providing income security, health and reproductive rights, education access, and workplace fairness.1 Before joining the NWLC, Goss Graves worked as an appellate and trial litigator at Mayer Brown LLP and as a law clerk for Judge Diane P. Wood of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Goss Graves graduated from the University of California Los Angeles before attending Yale Law School.2 

When Goss Graves served as the NWLC’s Senior Vice President for Program, she focused the NWLC’s agenda on alleviating poverty for women and families and eliminating barriers for women in employment, education, health, and reproductive rights. Goss Graves also served as the NWLC’s Vice President for Education and Employment and led the NWLC’s anti-discrimination initiatives. In this position she concentrated on producing outcomes for women and girls of color through promoting equal pay, combating harassment and sexual assault at work and school, and advancing equal access to education programs.3 Under Goss Graves’ leadership and for more than 40 years prior, the NWLC has achieved a wide range of accomplishments for women and girls. Recently the NWLC has made strides in addressing pay disparities, making childcare more affordable, increasing access to contraceptives, increasing the number of female judges in federal courts, securing fair treatment for pregnant workers, and raising state minimum wages. The NWLC is able to achieve their goals through Presidential Executive Orders and Directives, securing investments and grants, organizing high-profile campaigns and events, authoring Supreme Court briefs, testifying before Congress, and sponsoring legislation.4  

As well as being President and CEO of the NWLC, Goss Graves is a co-founder of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund.5 The TIME’S UP Fund is administered by the National Women’s Law Center Fund LLC (a subsidiary of the NWLC) with Goss Graves overseeing. TIME’S UP and the #MeToo movement tackles workplace discrimination and sexual harassment by allowing people to share their stories and receive the help they need. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund performs five major functions: connecting people who have experienced discrimination and harassment in the workplace with attorneys and/or free public relations support; funding cases involving workplace discrimination and harassment; awarding grants to organizations who provide “know your rights” training, education, and outreach to low-income workers; and connecting law students who want to work towards gender justice with attorneys whose cases receive funding. The Fund has made great strides towards alleviating workplace discrimination and harassment, funding over 100 cases involving workplace sexual harassment, providing public relations support to almost 50 individuals, and giving outreach grants to 18 organizations.6 

Simply Virtuous supports the NWLC in its fight to progress women’s rights and achieve gender equality. The NWLC also sets an example for other organizations by providing women with leadership positions and equal pay. If you would like to learn more about the NWLC and donate to the organization, follow this link.

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