Improving Senior Lives Through Technology



With new types of technology coming out all the time, trying to navigate them can be overwhelming. There are many technological tools designed specifically with seniors in mind, though. The right technology will make your life easier and allow you to keep in touch with those you love most.

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Life at Home

Technology makes it easier than ever to live at home, even alone. As explains, voice-activated technology allows you to operate tech without interacting with it physically, making it more convenient for those with difficulty getting around. To help start your day right and keep it on schedule, invest in an alarm clock designed with seniors in mind. These typically are voice-activated and have a large and easy-to-read screen. Some even allow you or your loved ones to record messages for different times and tasks throughout the day and do not need an internet connection to work.

Smart speakers are voice-activated interactive helpers that can take commands from you and answer questions you may have. If there is a song you are itching to hear, simply command the speaker to play it for you in the manner that the speaker requires. If you are wondering what time something will come on TV or what you can use in place of baking powder in a recipe, simply ask the speaker and it will give you the answers you’re looking for.

When it comes to managing your medication, there are now a variety of digital pill dispensers available. These devices sort and deliver medication at certain intervals throughout the day that are programmed for your particular needs. These are very helpful in making sure you don’t miss a dose, take multiple doses too close together or mix up medications.



When it comes to communicating with those you love, you want to make it as easy as possible. Assisted Living notes there are some wonderful senior-friendly tablets on the market now, some of which are even designed specifically with seniors in mind. Among other things, these allow you to video call your friends and family from the comfort of your home. This is a great way to stay connected when distance or circumstance keep you from visiting with family in person.

There are numerous benefits in upgrading to a smartphone, as well, and there are many low-cost plans available. With a smartphone, you have the option of video calling like you do with a larger tablet, but you also have mobility, the ability to make phone calls and text, and access to apps and other tools that can enhance communication and improve your life.

For those who have difficulty hearing, there are apps you can download that provide real-time captions to allow you to read what people are saying as they say it.

Connect with others online through organizations like Simply Virtuous that facilitate supporting elderly-focused charities like the National Council on Aging, which strives to make life better for seniors.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow you to connect with friends and family near and far. You can share pictures using the camera on your smartphone so that they can see what you’re up to while you enjoy keeping up with them through their pictures and posts.

Gaming apps are another way to interact with your friends and family when you can’t be together. Play word or card games against your grandkids to have fun with them wherever they may be.

Once you know the sort of technology you want in your life, shop around and look for discounts to save money on what can be rather pricey purchases.

Technology is meant to make life easier, and it’s come a long way in the last few years. Take advantage of these advances and invest in technology that helps you live your best life. You and your loved ones will be glad that you did.

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